“Picadillo” Tostadas

“Picadillo” Tostadas

Picadillo = Ground beef with diced potatoes
Tostadas = Crispy flat corn tortillas
Picadillo is an everyday Mexican comfort food, it can be served with tacos, tostadas or with a side of rice and beans.
This tostada is a full meal! Carbs from the crunchy tostada and potatoes, protein from beef, good fat from avocado and olive oil. And of course you also get you daily intake of greens with this beautiful cabbage slaw! Enjoy!


•6-8 Corn Tostadas
•500-700gr Picadillo
•Salsa Roja
•Cabbage slaw
•1 avocado
•100gr feta cheese
•200gr refried beans


•600gr ground beef
•2 small potatoes. Diced.
•1 small yellow onion. Diced.
•2 garlic cloves. Minced.
•2 tbsp olive oil.
•4 tbsp Asada Rub (coming soon!). Or you can use salt, pepper and dry oregano.
Add olive oil, diced potatoes, onions and garlic into a hot large pan and cook for a couple minutes. Add ground beef and break it apart. Once all the beef liquid evaporates, season with Asada rub. Keep cooking until beef and potatoes are fully cooked.

Cabbage Slaw:

•2 cups shredded cabbage
•4 cherry or grapes. Sliced in halves.
•1 jalapeño. Sliced
•10 cilantro stems
•2tbsp olive oil
•1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
•1/3 red onion. Julienne.
•salt and pepper to taste.
Mix everything and taste.


Spread refried beans on tostadas, add picadillo (3-4 tbsp per tostada), add salsa (I had salsa roja, use what ever you want, there’s no rules with Salsa!), 2-4 avocado slices per tostada, top with a generous amount of cabbage slaw, finish with some crumble feta cheese. Provecho!
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